Friday, July 7, 2017

Wednesday 5th July 2017


Two days in a row with good weather...I'm off out again. Though this time it was a solo drive. I had a small list of places to go to, starting with Dalrymple Gap Track. My hopes were high to find more orchids, though I had no luck (it must be due to the lack of the expert tracker!).

I had morning tea at 5 Mile Swimming Hole, though I didn't venture in; it was almost warm enough for me!

My final stop was back at the Edmund Kennedy National Park. Geoff I & had done some of the track in April. Today I completed it, & returned along the beach. I found a huge epiphyte orchid growing out of a fallen log on the ground, about to burst into flower (so yes I will have to return in a week or 2).

Bridled Honeyeater
Damper Creek at the start of the Dalrymple Gap Track
Five Mile Swimming Hole
Hinchinbrook Island from the picnic area in the
Edmund Kennedy National Park

This huge Dendrobium is growing on a fallen tree
& has flowers about to come out

The tide is out

Mine are the only foot prints on the beach

White-breasted Sea Eagle circling over head


I was house hubby today. Washing, house stuff, van stuff. It was fine for me.

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