Friday, August 11, 2017

Friday 11th August 2017


Today I had a list of four places along the lower part of the Palmerston Highway that I wanted to have a look at.

I left around 9.15am, ticking off the Scenic Drive & Gooligans Creek in quick time.
The waterfalls of Wallacha & Tchupala took a little longer; they were both very scenic & on about a 2km track through the rainforest. My final stop was at the Palmerston Rocks National Park,.There was a short walk to the creek, where there were odd looking rocks in the water!

In the late afternoon we decided to have a bonfire; there was a heap of paper & cardboard to get rid of before the owners return. Any excuse for a drink around a blazing fire!

Gooligans Creek

The swimming area at Gooligans Creek

Wallacha Falls

Tchupala Falls

Fungi in the forest

Palmerston Rocks National Park


Hopefully I have mowed for the last time. There were no dramas this time, but it was still good to have it done. The work must have made me thirsty, so we had a couple of drinks around the fire in the evening.

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