Sunday, March 20, 2016

Saturday 19th March 2016


I headed out to Baluk Willam Reserve today, after the rain had stopped.

My hopes were high for a few orchid sightings, but I was only in luck with one type, & of the dozen or so plant I saw only one had a flower still blooming! It was a “new to me” sighting so I was happy none the less. It was called a Small Tongue Orchid, and it would seem that there were many flowering up to a few weeks ago. There were plenty of basal leaves around too.

For dinner I made everyone happy by cooking up pork BBQ spare ribs, cornbread & jacket potatoes with sour cream.


Mmmmm ribs.
Most of the Tongue orchids I found
looked like this- they have finished flowering

This was the only one still in flower

Even this one seemed to have been bitten off
at the end!

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