Monday, March 7, 2016

Sunday 6th March 2016


We visited Greg at the hospital in the morning. He was still dozy & confused, but seemed to perk up when the doctors arrived. He is likely to be remaining in hospital for a few more days to try & sort out the latest ongoing issues.

I returned to Royalla, & Geoff joined me in the early afternoon. We computered the afternoon away, then enjoyed drinks with a view & a wander of the estate once the heat of the day passed.
The first sunset of the sit, not brilliant but my first one for the year I think

Week one at Royalla..
Although the cake was a couple of days late, he did get one!

My new Ultrabook, hopefully I can master it one day soon!


A very pleasant time was spent sitting outside watching the valley. The glass of wine helped, of course, and the Japanese curry for dinner!

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