Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Sunday 6th November 2016


I headed out to Cooma Cottage, near Yass, today. There was an open day & I helped with the ACT National Trust stall for a few hours. It was a shame it was so windy, as it made the event quite uncomfortable; things flying away & the competition from other stall holders made the sales of food & drink quite slow.

I left around 1pm, & I had a circuitous route back to Canberra via the Old Cemetery at Dalton, then along the McLeod's Creek near Gundaroo, looking for orchids.
I was happily successful.

Cottage on the Cooma Cottage Estate

The old stables

Cooma Cottage

The back view of Cooma Cottage


A couple of the old cars on show at the Open Day

Love the umbrella stand!

Oxen & Dray

Seen on the country roads

The Royal Hotel at Gundaroo


I sorted Mum's churchward transportation and spent some time with Dad. Dad seems a little better each day, though he doesn't seem to realise it.

My sister Kathy arrived from Sydney for a brief visit. We spent the evening showing mum the benefits of a smart phone for when her old 2G phone becomes unusable when the network is shut down. Then Kath and I followed up with a rather robust discussion on several topics; apparently the red wine made me even more correct than usual!

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