Monday, December 26, 2016

Saturday 24th December 2016


Googong house sit finished; Bowral beginning.
We had a brief visit to see Val before leaving Canberra, & were on the road around 12.30pm. We headed into a storm that washed the car quite well!

After setting up in our “new house”, we were off out again just before 6pm, to meet Kathy & Lorrie at their hotel, which was close by - Milton Park. This place is an old estate house, once owned by the Hordern family (distant relatives of the O'Regan's, by marriage!). It has lovely sweeping lawns & gardens, & appears very “English”.
We had drinks on the terrace, with nibbles & red wine in one of the private lounges.

We hadn't even left Canberra when we came on this!
We generally try to avoid travelling the holidays; too many drongos on the roads!
Milton Park

Drinks on the terrace

Family shot

Nibbles in one of the private lounges

The Googong house was very spacious and on about 5 acres. The Bowral house is a small 3 bedroom place on a decent quarter-acre. They both have pros and cons, but I know which is easier to clean at the end!

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