Sunday, March 26, 2017

Friday 24th March 2017


I was up at 6am Platypus spotting... 2 were seen.

I then dragged Geoff out for our “mega walk”. The recommended walk through the gorge is a 14km return trip! Gulp; I've never walked that far ever! 
Anyhow, it was fairly flat to the Art Gallery, the suggested ending of the walk. Then you work your way back, going into Ward's Gorge (my favourite), Amphitheatre, & Moss Garden.

I started flagging after the Moss Garden, with 3.5km to go to get back to the car. But I did make it!!

The walk begins...
Into the misty gorge we go

Up tot the Art Gallery
Aboriginal rock paintings
Geoff having a breather, & checking out the art

Our next stop was Ward's Canyon with a small waterfall

Abover the falls you can walk along the creek into the ever narrowing canyon

Creek that feeds the small waterfall
Amphitheatre was next

Geoff heading into the cleft in the cliffs to the chamber beyond

Inside the Amphitheatre, which was carved out
over millions of years by water

Heading towards our final stop, the Moss gardens,
when the blue sky decided to make an appearance. I'm shocked!

The cool & tranquil Moss Gardens

Heading back, the once mist shrouded cliffs are now framed in blue skies

Our final creek crossing to get to the car. I didn't fall in despite feeling completely knackered.

Our journey started when the temperature was about 23 but humid. It ended 6:45hrs later when it was 30 and humid. It was quite draining for us both. The stretches between the main attractions were a bit dull, so I guess we were not distracted enough to make the time pass quickly. Overall it was a good day out, but I am no hurry to repeat it.

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