Sunday, March 26, 2017

Wednesday 22nd March 2017


We headed for Carnarvon National Park today. I have booked us in for 3 nights.

It turned out to be a large, well organised bush retreat, with plenty of camping sites & what looks to be some new-ish facilities. We did a couple of the shorter walks in the afternoon: the Nature Walk along the creek, & Baloon Cave walk to some Aboriginal hand paintings.

There seems to be plenty of wildlife around: Eastern Grey Kangaroos, Pretty-face Wallabies, White Cheeked Rosella & we were luckily enough to spot 2 Platypus in the creek, right on dusk.

Travelling the Carnarvon Highway from Injune to Carnarvon National Park turn off

Memorial to a downed American aircraft that
came down after being struck by lightning here in 1943

Reception at Takarakka Bush Resort

The very tame Kookaburra that came looking
for a feed; it didn't get anything from us!

Not so "tip-toeing" across the stepping stones

First gorge sighting

Nature Walk track

Baloon Cave rock art

Our first Platypus sighting for the stay

The rain at Injune had stopped for our pack up, and we headed out to Carnarvon. I was very happy to see the platypuses in the creek behind the van park. I don't recall actually seeing them in the wild before, so this was a treat (despite there being more showers of rain). 

I picked up a small tray of home made biscuits from the info centre at Wallumbilla yesterday, and they were really good! I'll need to have them rationed or else they will disappear very quickly.

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