Saturday, May 27, 2017

Friday 26th May 2017


I was up early, & off to Mission Beach to help out at Meals on Wheels. Geoff relaxed in bed with a cuppa for a change.

My new Nikkor 18-300mm lens arrived today. 9 days from Hong Kong; I was very impressed. My old 18-200mm was repaired several months ago, but has slowly been getting worse. It was time for an update.

I suggested we check out the El Arish Tavern for drinks & possibly dinner. It's a lovely old pub, well restored or maybe maintained! Geoff certainly was impressed by the “entertainment”! Dinner was your average outback town fare.

I attempted some night sky shots last night;
I am happy with the results

Geoff was shining the torch at palm in this one (which I cut out) -
the trail is a moth flying through the torch beam

The clouds started approaching....

Us at the El Arish Tavern

Waiting for service...

Cassowaries pop up everywhere up here

This is raising funds for the "Bar-Person of the year!!!"


The El Arish pub had a couple of topless girls wandering around selling raffle tickets and hosting the happy hour-style activities. We were both a little surprised, as we'd seen no advertising or publicity for it, so I guess we were just lucky. Anyway, the beer was still cold, which is the real reason I was there.

We stayed on for dinner. It was the typical pub fare of steak or schnitzels, but having been there for dinner the once, next time will just be for the drinks (and maybe the "entertainment").

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